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Get The Hair You’ve Always Wanted
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Get The Hair You’ve Always Wanted
Fill in your info to schedule a free Consultation & get a $500 Gift Certificate!  
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  •  Minimally Invasive
  •  No Pain or Discomfort
  •  Faster Healing
  •  In & Out in One Day
SmartGraft® Technology
SmartGraft® gives you natural, permanent results using your own hair so you look and feel years younger. Men and women can quickly, and without pain discreetly restore their own natural hair with the technical precision of the SmartGraft® procedure.

SmartGraft® is much faster process that’s completely painless, with quicker recovery time and solves hair loss problems faster than any other FUE method.
  •  For Men & Women
  •  Works On All Hair Types
  •  Natural Looking Hair
  •  Includes Body & Facial Hair
Why SmartGraft® Hair Restoration?
Get Your Own Natural Hair
SmartGraft®’s highly skilled surgeons use precision craftsmanship make your new hair look and feel completely natural.
Permanent Hair Loss Solution
With SmartGraft® healthy hair follicles are transplanted with more precision and in less time than any other FUE method.
Painless Hair Restoration
SmartGraft® is virtually painless due to a combination of precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology rather than a scalpel.
Faster With Less Recovery Time
SmartGraft®’s involves less time in a doctor’s clinic and is simple outpatient procedure so patients can return to work the next day.
Why SmartGraft®?
Hair Restoration Specialists
We’re board certified physician and experienced in SmartGraft® hair restorations with thousands successful procedures performed.
Precise Placements
State-of-the-art technology uses the precise angle, density and placement of each hair graft to achieve natural-looking results.
Naturally Looking Results
Evidence of the transplant goes undetected by others until months later when they notice your fuller, natural looking head of hair.
No Interruption Of Lifestyle
Full activity, including their fitness and sports regimen, within a few short days with virtually no discomfort or interruption of lifestyle.
SmartGraft® Gives Real People, Real Results!
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Your SmartGraft® Hair Restoration Consultation
The first step in hair restoration is a full evaluation and consultation with a SmartGraft® hair transplant physician. During the consultation, you’ll discuss your expectations, your family history of hair loss, your current hair loss stage, and your previous hair restoration experience. After your consult your SmartGraft® physician will recommend the best solution, medical or non-medical, for your individual hair restoration needs. 

Once the procedure is completed your new hair grafts will grow in the areas that are bald or thinning, creating a fuller, natural looking head of hair. Since it’s your real hair, it looks completely natural, restoring a more youthful appearance and confidence levels.

The advanced SmartGraft® device can complete the harvesting portion of the procedure in one-third less time compared with other devices. That means your physician can harvest more grafts in less time and reduce the amount of time the grafts are awaiting implantation, which gives you more natural-looking results. 

Newly transplanted hair grows naturally in several phases. You’ll see new hairs in about three months, followed by a noticeable improvement in six months and full growth at 12 to 14 months. Once your new hair growth is complete you can wear any hairstyle you like!
SmartGraft® Gives You The "Perfect Hair Look"!
SmartGraft® FUE Hair transplantation looks completely natural because it is your own hair just moved to the thinning and balding areas. This is the only natural and permanent solution that restores a hairline and adds density to the thinning area. SmartGraft® FUE is the ultimate and permanent solution to the main cause of hair loss.

Your Consult will provide you with the necessary information about what hair restoration solutions are available to you, and help you make an informed decision on the next step in treating your hair loss. You’ll be able to drive yourself to and from the procedure. There is very little or no discomfort and many clients are back at work the next day and the procedure is virtually undetectable.
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SmartGraft® Is The Smarter Option
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Once your new hair has grown in, you will be able to care for it just like when you had it the first time, with a 100% natural look and feel.
You look good, You feel good, You play good.
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